Kathleen Kovach

Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Operation Officer



Kathleen Kovach is the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operation Officer of Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN).  She is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of the Substance Use Disorder/Quality Management/Audit Teams.  Her other duties include facilitating the Improving Practices Leadership Team; organizing Utilization Management activities; providing direction to managers and individual employees through coaching and problem solving; serving as a member of the Human Resource Committee; and developing an organization strategic team, time-targeted, outcome-based plan.

Kathleen brings with her more than 30 years experience in the mental health/human services field in both Michigan and Oklahoma. Prior to her arrival at OCHN, she held the position of Vice President of Operations for Community Living Services.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Michigan State University and her Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology from Wayne State University. She also is a Licensed Master Social Worker.

Kathleen is passionate about ensuring that people who receive services through OCHN’s network are treated with dignity and respect, have quality services and supports, and are afforded opportunities to live meaningful lives.