Reena Naami-Dier

Reena Naami-Dier, Member

Term: April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2023


Reena Naami-Dier is the owner and director of the Spark Center for Autism, the first Behavioral Health Center of Excellence in the state of Michigan. In her practice, Naami-Dier works diligently to provide effective, high-quality services for children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. She works closely with the Autism Alliance of Michigan and Michigan Autism Council.

Naami-Dier is a board-certified and licensed behavior analyst. She has a Master of Science in psychology and applied behavior analysis from Florida State University, and a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Central Michigan University. She presents at various professional conferences, trains graduate students pursuing certification in behavior analysis, and contracts with Western Michigan University as a practicum site for students.

While serving on Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN's) board, Naami-Dier hopes to address issues related to improving access to mental health services, reducing the stigma associated with mental health, and promoting improved collaboration between mental and physical health providers.