Substance Use Disorders

Oakland Community Health Network’s (OCHN) Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Services (SUD) team is dedicated to helping individuals in Oakland County become educated on, and receive treatment and recovery support for, substance misuse. The SUD team is comprised of dedicated, expert professionals that provide oversight and management of federal and state funds that support a recovery-oriented system of care. 

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  1. Recognizing Signs of Substance Misuse

    You or your loved one taking more of a substance, or for longer, than previous

    You or your loved one wanting to cut down on, or control, using but not being able to

    You or your loved one spending more time trying to obtain a substance 

    You or your loved one taking longer to recover from using a substance than before

    You or your loved one is experiencing cravings, or a strong desire to use, a substance

    You or your loved one is using a substance despite understanding the dangers it poses to yourself or others around you

    You or your loved one experiencing an increase in negative consequences from using a substance

    You or your loved one experiencing changes in social activities, emotional expression, or behaviors due to substance use

    You or your loved one experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a substance

OCHN substance recovery service information: