Your Rights

In compliance with the Michigan Mental Health Code, the Office of Recipient Rights (ORR) advocates for people who receive mental health services and for applicants, by offering recipient rights protection. The ORR meets these requirements through prevention, such as training and monitoring, and through complaint resolution. This process may include problems of abuse and neglect, confidentiality, dignity and respect, person-centered planning, or other rights violations.

When you receive mental health services from Oakland Community Health Network, your rights are guaranteed by Michigan's Mental Health Code, other provisions of law, and the Constitutions of Michigan and the United States. You retain all rights, benefits, and privileges guaranteed by law, such as:

  • Be free from illegal discrimination
  • Get a divorce
  • Get a driver's license
  • Get married
  • Hold or transfer property
  • Make contracts
  • Make a will
  • Manage your affairs
  • Vote in all elections