Treatment Services

Substance Use Treatment Services contain a variety of different Levels of Care to best meet an individual’s needs, using nationally recognized patient placement criteria. All Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) contracted programs are available to individuals who are uninsured, have Medicaid, or the Healthy Michigan Plan.

Connections to community resources:

Women's Specialty Services (PDF)

  • OCHN recognizes the unique substance use and recovery needs of women, pregnant women, women with children, and primary caregivers to children. 

Oakland Family Services Women and Children (PDF)

  • Behavioral health service addressing barriers to change and empowering individuals to thrive.

Sober Support Unit (PDF)

  • The Sober Support Unit (SSU) is a sobering and monitoring program for people experiencing side effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

RISE Center (PDF)

  • The Recovery, Information, Support, and Education (RISE) Center offers free community resources to help maintain recovery and early intervention.

SUD Health Home information

The SUD Health Home is a model of care that coordinates your physical health, behavioral health, and social needs.

Opioid Health Home information

The Opioid Health Home (OHH) allows all of your health care providers to coordinate your services, providing you with the best whole health care outcomes.

Link to Oakland County Licensed Program Listing Spring 2021 (PDF)