Jail Diversion services offer persons diagnosed with a developmental disability, mental illness, or substance use disorder the opportunity to receive treatment within the community instead being charged with a criminal offense for a non-violent misdemeanor.

  1. Assisted Outpatient Treatment
  • Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), also known as Kevin’s Law in Michigan, is a legal mechanism for providing outpatient treatment to some individuals living with serious mental illness (SMI) whose non-engagement in treatment places them at risk for negative outcomes. 
  • It is an evidence-based tool that promotes recovery, reduces harmful behavior, hospitalization and emergency room use. 
  • AOT works by compelling the person to receive treatment to prevent their condition from worsening and by formally committing the mental health system to provide treatment.  

Link to Kevin's Law Flyer (PDF)

  1. Co-Responder Initiative
  1. Jail and Detention Diversion
  1. Prosecutor’s Office – Pre-Sentencing Alternative
  1. Mental Health Access and Juvenile Justice Diversion
  1. Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)