Intercept 4: Re-Entry

To assist individuals with their transition from the Oakland County Jail into the community, OCHN addresses person’s needs on an individual basis through a team of embedded Liaisons. 

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Rapid Engagement and Access to Community Health (REACH)

The REACH Coordinator screens individuals for community based OCHN mental health services, offers support and care coordination, while connecting them to a service provider. The REACH Coordinator provides supportive care coordination to individuals with a potential Alcohol Use Disorder prior to their discharge from jail. The REACH Coordinator remains connected until the first appointment with a provider and assists with removing potential barriers, such as transportation, unstable housing/homelessness.  

Discharge Planning

The Criminal Justice Resource Coordinator offers individual and group discharge planning with a focus on follow-up appointments / linkage to community-based mental health services and resources, including housing, transportation, and shelter. Communication and information sharing with OCHN Providers allows for coordination of on-going services and access to prescriptions at the time of jail discharge. 

Since October 2020, over 1,167 (4/20/23) individuals have been assisted through discharge planning.