Intercept 5: Community Corrections

Probation and Mental Health System Navigation

A Liaison provides case consultation, troubleshooting, and direct assistance to individuals on probation or parole through the Oakland County Michigan Department of Corrections or the Oakland County District Courts. The Liaison’s services extend to other entities, such as judges, court staff, attorneys, family members, and community partners. OCHN’s service providers benefit from the Liaison offering justice system navigation, including the facilitation of information-sharing between the mental health system and the justice partners in Oakland County. This initiative has assisted over 1,000 individuals and partners since its inception in 2019.  

Community Corrections

OCHN Access Department has maintained continued partnership with Oakland County Community Corrections with supporting their Alternatives to Incarceration, Step Forward and Adult Treatment Court programs. This includes coordination between the Oakland County court system, misdemeanor and felony probation departments, and community corrections with OCHN ACCESS and the Justice Initiatives Team to support person’s served mental health and substance use treatment needs.  

Behavioral Health System - Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC)

OCHN provides a web-based referral system that allows Oakland County MDOC Agents to submit referrals for individuals on parole / probation to be screened for Higher Level of Care Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services. A Liaison provides direct assistance to MDOC Agents and individuals served throughout the referral process, while assisting with removing barriers to treatment.  

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