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HAVEN Training Series

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HAVEN has designed a five-part custom training series for OCHN. The series covers a range of topics to support OCHN and their network partners in recognizing and responding to intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

The June 16 Identifying Trauma with Empowerment-Based Practices training has been cancelled due to trainer availability and will be rescheduled! 


Identifying Trauma with Empowerment-Based Practices (2 Hours): As professionals in the human service field, understanding how trauma impacts an individual and best practice tools you can use to respond to clients and colleagues is critical. This training will explore the foundation of trauma-informed response & empowerment-based practices, and provide practical tools and skills you can use in your regular practice. While these skills are applicable in a myriad of situations, we will be centering the voices and experiences of survivors of sexual assault and partner abuse. 

Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence (2 Hours): Intimate partner violence is of epidemic proportions in our community; however, all too often it is shrouded in silence and swept under the rug. This program is designed to support service providers, clinicians, and professionals in developing strategies to recognize intimate partner violence, and build strength & confidence in responding to our colleagues and clients.

Creating a Culture of Consent (2 Hours): The rates of sexual violence are staggering, with 1 in 5 women and 1 in 33 men who will experience a completed or attempted rape in their lifetime, we more than likely know someone personally and professionally who has experienced sexual assault. This training will help support service providers, clinicians and professionals in developing strategies to better recognize and respond to sexual violence.

Recognizing and Responding to Youth Survivors (3 Hours): Youth experience some of the highest rates of sexual assault, dating violence, and exposure to domestic violence in the United States. This training will explore the reality of youth violence in our community and strategies you can use to recognize and support youth survivors in your work.

Oppression and Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence (2 Hours): This program explores oppression as the root cause of sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Participants will learn about oppression, male supremacy & white supremacy as the root cause of violence in our communities, its impact on marginalized survivors, and strategies that participants can take to create social change.

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