Trainings offered by Oakland Community Health Network for providers, staff, community partners, and individuals served. Please do not register for the same training more than once. Thank you.
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SUD Community Workshops

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Quarterly workshops on a variety of SUD topics and issues. Workshops will be offered in a hybrid format, with participants choosing to attend either in -person or online, using Teams. A link with login information will be sent one day prior to the workshop. Workshops are Thursdays at 6:30pm-8:00pm. 1.5 MCBAP CEUs

All sessions are HYBRID using Microsoft Teams. If in-person registration is less than 10 people, the workshop will be virtual only. 

Jan 11, 2024

Recovery Support Group Panel

Presenters: (more may be added) Sabrina Sassine, Mark Swiecki and Gwendoyln Brammel LMSW CAADC CCS


1. Gain insight into multiple pathways for recovery to challenge stigma in treatment and community

2. Understand how to refer individuals to support group discussed

3. Gain insight how each group supports recovery


February 15, 2024

PTSD & Moral Injury and its effects on Veterans and Civilians  

Presenters: Chaka McDonald


This training will address secondary trauma and vicarious trauma and its effects on clinicians, law enforcement, human services, and the general population.


April 11, 2024

Trauma and Recovery

Presenter: Gwendolyn Bammel LMSW CAADC CCS


1. Understand the impact of trauma on the brain

2. Understand how trauma complicates recovery

3. learn techniques to manage trauma reactions in recovery


May 9, 2024

What Parents Need to Know About Vaping

Presenter: Kayla Dadswell, LMSW, CPC – Director of Substance Use Prevention


1. Understand the effects of youth tobacco use and the process of addiction.

2. Gain awareness of the tobacco marketing strategies towards adolescents and reasons youth might begin vaping.

3. Be equipped with resources and strategies to discuss vaping with youth and offer their support to teens who have the goal of quitting vaping.

July 11, 2024

Safe Prescription Drug Disposal

Presenter: Nadli Arabo, MPH


1. Learn how and where to properly dispose of unused and/or expired medication.

2. Staff provide technical assistance to organizations and community members


August 8, 2024

Stigma and Substance Use Disorders

Presenter: Scott Schadel LMSW, CAADAC, CCS


1. Identify what stigma is and the types of stigma individuals with SUD experience

2. Identify how stigma inhibits individuals’ motivation to start a recovery program and increase their difficulty in establishing long-term recovery

3. Identify ways for individuals to combat stigma against substance use disorders and how the community can best support those individuals


October 10, 2024

Recovery Recipe- A Visual Wellness Tool toward Relapse Prevention Planning with Co-Occurring Population

Presenter: Jennifer Tackett M.Ed. ATR CAADC


1. Identify person centered definitions of recovery and wellness

2. Review SAMSHA’s 8 dimensions of wellness with connections to the recovery process.

3. Utilize wellness wheel as a tool to aid in creation of individualized recovery wellness recipe to aid in relapse prevention planning.

4. Review application of this tool within the clinical and peer support process.

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