What is the Youth & Family Care Connection?

The YFCC, a new and innovative behavioral health service program for Oakland County youth and families, is being launched by Oakland Community Health Network. This one of- a-kind program includes community access for behavioral health triage and care coordination, as well as a separate Crisis Care Unit for children aged 17 and under. Youth can receive services in the unit for up to 72 hours as determined by a mental health screening and based on capacity.

The YFCC and the Crisis Care Unit provide a new level of care for youth in Oakland County and fill a gap in services. Anticipated outcomes for these services include expanding behavioral health services for families in crisis, reducing extended hospital emergency department stays, and offering psychiatric interventions that could potentially avoid inpatient hospitalization.

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1. What is the Youth & Family Care Connection?
2. Where is the Youth and Family Care Connection (YFCC) located?
3. What if youth and family arrive at the Resource and Crisis Center and enter the building by the main door?
4. What are the hours of operation for the YFCC?
5. What age groups does the YFCC serve?
6. What services are provided at the YFCC?
7. How many beds are available at the YFCC?
8. Is the YFCC for youth who have Medicaid only?
9. Are parents or legal guardians able to stay with their children at the YFCC?
10. What is a Parent Navigator and how do they work within the YFCC?
11. How is this unit different than other services that exist, like Common Ground and the Oakland Assessment Crisis Intervention Services (OACIS)?
12. Can youths who have an Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) diagnosis receive services at the YFCC?
13. What if my child is brought to an Emergency Department at a local hospital due to a mental health crisis?
14. How do I contact the YFCC?