At some point in time, each of us will face financial challenges. In recent years, families, businesses, and the government have all had to make tough budget decisions to protect their homes, their companies, and service programs.

As OCHN moves forward to address Medicaid revenue and General Fund reductions, we are also making difficult choices. Our first priority in this process is ensuring that the people we help continue to receive vital healthcare services. 

While we know how much people enjoy the Keys to Total Health Recovery and Whose Life is it Anyways?! Self-Determination conferences, we are temporarily postponing both events. This means we will not be hosting the Keys to Total Health Recovery Conference in April as we have in past years. Final decisions about rescheduling the conferences will be made after we have received important information about state funding for OCHN.

If we are unable to host the conferences this year, we will work on identifying new events that provide empowerment and educational opportunities that benefit the people we serve. We also want to thank everyone who has attended or volunteered their time to make the conferences so memorable these past 10 years. Your partnership is a tremendous asset in fulfilling our mission to inspire hope, empower people, and strengthen communities.